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HappyLightGuy Use Chamsys MQ500M Light Desks & Capture Visualisation Software.

Niller Bjerregaard

Profile for Happylightguy

My name is Niller Bjerregaard am the owner of HappyLightGuy, a Design company witch specialises in Light & Set design but also show Design in general. I have toured since 1988 and did my first extensive tour in 1991, since then I have traveled the world with national and international artists. Especially in North America – Europe – Asia numerous time in different scenarios and contexts.

My experience range from Clubs – Arenas – Festivals – Stadium tours.I love the diversity and challenge of putting a production together and getting the design ideas from paper to the road, nothing beats the first time a new production and design unfolds and it comes to life.

Light Designer Clients:

Volbeat – King Diamond – Mercyful Fate – The Antwoord – Candlemass – HammerFall – Satyricon – Michael Learns To Rock – Pretty Maids – Godsmack – And Many More


Light Designer – Chamsys MQ 500M Operator/Programmer – Capture Visualising and Renders/Paper work – Set Design and Set Building – Touring Soft Gods. 

Volbeat Europe 2022
Volbeat North America 2022
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