HappyLightGuy Is Celebrating 13 Years As Light & Set Designer for Danish Rockers Volbeat!

HappyLightGuy 2021

I started working for Volbeat in 2008. First show was at Skanderborg festival in Denmark, followed by a lengthy European tour. It’s been a crazy and fun ride with enormous success for Volbeat.

What a great honor and privilege for me to celebrate 13 years of working with Volbeat, I have nothing but love and respect for there hard work and commitment to deliver the best stage performance for there fans every night.

The shows we have toured with over the years have been a fantastic experience to design and see come to live. From paper to real life is truly a beautiful thing to witness.

On a personal level they are funny and a great bunch of guys to hang out with. Approachable and always interested in there crews well-being. Am looking forward to continue the journey with them.

Also a big shout out to all the Volbeat Crew personnel that have come and gone over the years. Love and respect ✊🏻

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Touring Light & Set Designer.

One thought on “HappyLightGuy Is Celebrating 13 Years As Light & Set Designer for Danish Rockers Volbeat!

  1. wow . . . 13 år er også lang tid. Jeg er ved at lave en kontrakt til mig selv – nu slutter dét med at være arbejdsløs. Er i ved at ha styr på lageret ? Vi høres ved Olé



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