Volbeat North America 2022

Volbeat / Ghost Co-Headlining Tour 2022 is coming to an end and its been an absolute pleasure to tour with Volbeat/Ghost. Co designing the flown light rig with Ghost LD Eric Bertti was great fun and we had a fantastic time on the road with many great moments. Big Thanks to Eric for all his help and support.

North America Tour 2022
Niller Bjerregaard & Eric Bertti

A Huge Thanks to all Vendors for their help and support. Light: PGP – Video: LMG – Stage Set and specials: Tait Towers – Chamsys Light Desks: HappyLightGuy / Light Partner – Audio: Solotech – Radios:Empire Touring.

Big Love to my Touring Family: Michael Poulsen- Jon Larsen – Rob Caggiano – Kasper Larsen – Guy Sykes – Michael Morobitto – Britt Bowman – Chelsea Cross – Marcus Shonfeld – Dave Marcucci – Dennie Miller – Pat Rowe – Tue Bayer – Jerry Carillo – Pete Abdou – Mike Skladel – Adam Beasley – Shelby Cude – Jason Varner – Mauricio Schlotterhausen – Wade Mannes – Blair Bondy – Chris Edrington – Jamie Geurts – Zac Bautista – Only Love And Respect for you all.

Volbeat Light Show was programmed and executed on 1 x MQ 500M – 1 x 250M Chamsys Lighting Desks. Alle drawings – Renders – Pre Programming was done on Capture ver 2021. http://www.Capture.sehttp://www.chamsyslighting.uk

Equipment Used For Volbeat: 30 x Robe Mega Pointe – 50 x Robe Spider Wash – 16 x Robe BMFL Spot – 04 x Robo Follow Spot – 28 x Mac Axiom Hybrid – 64 x Martin VDO DOT Cold – 53 x GLP JDC1 – 160 x Chauvet Colorado 2 Solo – 10 x Chauvet Strike 4 – 12 x SGM P-5 – 254 x Video Panel ROE CB8 – Live Cameras – Content – Notch – Media Servers.

12 x UpStaging Trucks – 08 x Pioneer/Hemphill Brothers Tour Busses – 85 x Band/Crew personal.

26 Cities were Rocked Hard and left in smoldering ashes as our tour caravan traveled through America.

Tour Dates North America 2022

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