Jacob Dinesen “The Jokers Hand Tour” Spring 2022

The resent Jacob Dinesen Tour ” The Jokers Hand Tour” was produced by HappyLightGuy (LD) & Jonathan Koch (PM). All production elements was designed and drawn in Capture 2022. The Light Show was programmed and executed on a Chamsys MQ500M Light Desk.

The Joker Hand Tour 2022 – Capture Render
The Joker Hand Tour 2022 – Capture Render
Vega Copenhagen – Photo: Unknown

Fixture List: 24 x Mac Aura XB Wash – 08 x CLF Orion Spot – 12 x GLP JDC1 – 16 x SGM Q7

PM: Jonathan Koch – LD: HappyLightGuy – Back Drop Design: Karsten Sand

Light Vendor: Vigsø A/S http://www.vigso.eu for more info.


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Touring Light & Set Designer.

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